To access the minutes of a particular meeting click on the date that you would like to view, then save as and then open to view file.


Minutes 2015                                              Minutes 2017

May                                                              File: January2017.doc

July                                                               File: March2017.doc

September                                                    File: May2017.doc

November                                                     File: MinutesJuly2017.doc

                                                                     File: MinutesNov2017.doc

Minutes 2016                            

January                                                       Minutes 2018

March                                                          File: MinutesJanuary2018.doc

May                                                             File:MinutesJanuary


                                                                    13th March 2018    

July                                                              16th May 2018  

September                                                 10th July 2018 

November                                                   11th September 2018

                                                                     13th November 2018